BQ Rohrsysteme

With BQ Rohrsysteme you decide upon a German product, produced under German standards, according to German DIN 8077/8078, DIN EN 15874.

The high-quality materials PP-R and PP-RCT are suitable for drinking water applications as well as for heating installations and for air-condition systems.

In comparison to other thermoplastics like PE and PVC, PP owns a temperature resistance up to 100 °C (for a short time up to 120 °C for systems without pressure). PP-R/PP-RCT shows a clearly better blow toughness in comparison to PP-H.

For BQ Rohrsysteme products we use only first grade base material with premium quality. We can keep our quality promises compared those who use non spec or spot market qualities.

Our pipes pass the required 1000 h pressure test with over incomparable 4000 h.

External control

The external supervision of PP-R/PP-RCT pipe system of BQ Rohrsysteme is carried out by

  • IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH, Dresden
  • Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebietes, Gelsenkirchen

Authorized by DVGW (German Institute for Gas and Water) as controlling organization.